Storm the Whitehouse!
a note from the editor...

In the last two introductions to this journal, I've offered readers a mild behind-the-scenes glimpse into my life as I went through the process of putting the journal together; however, considering the state of the world, at the merciless clutches of the American fist, it is far more fitting to gear this short introduction to the worthy work of the enclosed artists, toward the more public, social domain. With gas reaching $4.00 this summer, and some places higher, pet food killing off our lovely friends, soldiers dying on all sides for a variety of causes, known and unknown, the environment left to settle itself like a popsicle on hot pavement, no end in site for a variety of deadly diseases, no world-wide health care, an over-abundance of neglect in respect toward the world's indigenous peoples, our own food, when it is there, processed so fine and cost-effectively, it leaves us with no nutrition, amazing shelf-life and profit (for some), and Leaky Gut Syndrome - and then there's homelessness, a president willing to veto a hate crime bill and send troops to a battlezone for six and seven tours (tours, I like that - and over here, on the left, you'll see famine and a group of soldiers slaughtering innocent civilians; and on the right, a lovely American flag. Look at her shimmer!) - and all of this, all of it, merely for profit, for money, for paper and its invisible power.

I'm much more "direct action", myself, coming from a family of Mother Jones. It's time to help each other remember that government does not own the people it represents, but quite contrary, the people own that government. Government is merely a service provided to the people it services. It's time to show government, and the businesses who own it, who is in charge. Let's get off our asses and storm the damn White House, surround it, camp out and don't leave until we've got things looking the way they should be. Ransack the place, burn the furniture, string Bush up by his heals like they did Mussolini. He is certainly a worthy candidate for being a criminal of war. This has all been done many times before, but it's as if people have forgotten and simply bow under the swagger of pomp and circumstance. Anyway, this is just one idea of thousands that can be carried out; but picture the solidarity of 10,000,000 citizens surrounding the White House, or parliament, any government building, and peacefully saying by their mere presence, things need to change and we're here to see that it does.

The artists enclosed in this journal are doing their part, as art is, by all means, revolutionary, and works contrary to the bogus notion of capitalism. Their work was provided for free. This journal is free. Let's make sure the world, is free. Truly free; not the American "free" that dictates you can't go to Cuba, can't smoke a joint, can't love another of the same sex, can't can't can't... Let's create freedom - true freedom, health, peace, art, knowledge, understanding, and by all means, let's stop ruining our food, bodies, and earth.

Fuck it! Let's storm the White House! Summer, 2008... ?

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